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Key features

  • General

    • Classic text editor with tablature dedicated tools
    • Saves and reads plain text files, including files created by hand or any other software
    • no proprietary format = easier sharing
    • Very light download – less than 300Ko
    • No setup required, no registry manipulation, clean and stand-alone
    • Available for free, no additionnal fee, no adds, no spyware, $0, peanuts
  • Tablature functions

    • One-click staff insertion
    • Variable number of strings (4, 6...)
    • One-click insertion of dozens of predefined chords, with automatic arpeggio and chord name display options
    • Special typing mode – you have got to try it
    • Smart printing – avoid page breaks inside staffs
    • Customize predefined chords simply by editing one file
  • Misc


2.0 (July 26th, 2004)
  • Fixed a few mispellings in documentation and source code.
2.0 beta (June 19th, 2004)
  • First beta: the beast has been released into the wild :)